What We Do

MKCL’s synthesis of a new paradigm of education is to offer education, governance and empowerment solutions and services :

  • To very large and diverse population with various diversities – Bigger
  • With high quality of relevance and applicability in life and work- Better
  • At an affordable cost –  Cheaper
  • Within shortest possible time – Faster
  • With wide accessibility from metros to villages – Wider
  • In a mass-personalized and deeper experiential manner – Deeper

Services & Programs

  • MCIT

    This program is the only one to be offered at a low competitive cost. It has been widely accepted in India, it has attracted nearly 10 million learners in 9 years at a rate of 1 million learners annually, including students, teachers, professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as farmers, workers, housewives, the elderly and others.

    In Egypt, MKCL Egypt is seeking to reach an average of 250,000 trainees annually, within 3 years. As a first step to complete this mission, it is necessary to integrate the self-learning method in learning IT with traditional learning method, so MKCL Egypt aims to omit its digital illiteracy through MKCL’s International Certificate in Information Technology (MICIT).

    The Computer Science Sector Committee at Supreme Council of Universities has recommended MICIT Certificate be equivalenced to ICDL Certificate. The report emphasized that the skills of MICIT Program exceed the corresponding international training programs such as ICDL, CIE and others.

    MICIT Egypt has get the following approvals:

    • MICIT was approved by the Supreme Council of Universities and became equivalent to ICDL on 12/31/2019. The report of Supreme Council of Universities also certified that MICIT is the best among the corresponding training certificates such as ICDL because of the fact that it includes real training skills and depends on an interactive e-learning system.
    • The Minister of Education issued a circular letter No. 19 on 10/7/2014 stating that it is necessary for teachers’ promotion the need to obtain a certificate for a training program accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities, including MICIT certificate
    • MICIT has been approved as a prerequisite for the graduate studies at universities of Zagazig, Minya and Fayoum.
    • Also, MICIT was internationally authorized by CITY @GUILDS company, one of the world’s largest academic accreditation companies.

    MICIT Course:

    This course consists of 9 training levels in both Arabic and English based on interactive e-training method and Blended Learning Model for 80 hours through ERA system for e-training and Project Based Learning by assigning the trainee to implement training projects, Training levels are :

    • Windows 7
    • Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Microsoft Access
    • All about computers
    • Information Technology


    The prominent features of MICIT Course

    • E-training system is available in Arabic and English.
    • Blended Learning Model is based on theoretical training for 20 hours and self-learning for 60 hours through ERA system, ensuring high training results for trainees without relying on trainer competence.
    • Mainly focus on training by linking training, evaluation and skills to perform technical tasks, while other courses relay on training to pass exam; which made the community loss its trust on that type of training.
    • The trainee will be assessed through Progressive Assessment during all training sessions and the trainee is allowed to answer the assessment question, identify his mistakes and improve his degrees to ensure his qualify for obtaining the course certificate. The assessment is not based on final exams only.
    • Knowledge acquisition is carried out indirectly while the trainee acquisition of Skills, which helps in the best use of knowledge and increases the creativity energies in the operation and utilization of applications
    • Skills Acquisition (Project Based Learning)
      The trainee is assigned to implement small training projects aimed at creating different types of documents up to 25 documents during the course. List of training documents as follow:
    • Word: Book Cover – Letterhead – Collage ID Card – Bulletin for Science Fair – Invitation Letter– Student Project Report – Envelope – CV– Notification – Business Card.
    • Excel: Event Expenses – Task List – Agenda – Exams Record – Outline – Database List – Monthly Budget – Inventory List.
    • Power Point: Poster Design – Album – Project Presentation – Company Profile – Personal profile – Certificate – Business Presentation.
  • IT For Children

    The “IT For CHILDREN ” is an 80 hour part-time Course offered by MKCL, specially designed for school students as an introductory course on the use of Information Technology in day-to-day life, aiming to empower them in the emerging digital era of the 21st century. It will help them improve their efficiency and enhance their effectiveness in the various activities of their academic and day-to-day life.

    The academic sessions are delivered using rich multimedia based, inform and perform type of e-Content that will help the learner to actually produce hundreds of Socially Useful and Productive Work (SUPW) related outputs using Computers, Internet and Scratch Programming.

    Training in a simplified way depends on graphics and cartoons for children to enable them to use the computer in a simple and interesting method.

    Activities in IT for Children

    • Creating project report on A Journey In To Space
    • Creating a Flyer – Health Fair
    • Creating a Booklet of Measurement Units
    • Creating a Chart of Living and Non-Living Things
    • Creating a Greeting Card – Mother’s Day
    • Creating a Photo Album
    • Creating Greeting Card
    • Measurement Unit Converter
    • Exam Record Management
    • Learning Motion Types through Power Point

    And much more …


    The syllabus covered as a part of the course will be:

    Module 1:

    Basic IT Applications

    MS Word 2010

    MS Excel 2010

    MS PowerPoint 2010

    Module 2:

    Internet activities

    Module 3:

    Scratch Programming

  • WAVE

    In addition to the IT literacy courses, MKCL, under its brand WAVE, also offers employability skills development courses in many disciplines such as Digital Arts, Publishing, Illustrations, Multimedia and Animation, Web Designing, Video Editing, Programming, Hardware and Networking, Life Skills for Workplace Readiness, Retail Management, Selling, BFSI, Personal Financial Management, Financial Accounting, KPO, BPO, eEducation, etc.

    The WAVE Learners enjoy the benefits of MKCL’s unique e-Learning environment ERA and MKCL’s work-centric (and not mere book-centric or information-centric) vocational education approach. During the course, the learners are trained to produce socially useful and productive work (SUPW). The learning process is so designed that it begins with work, from the work learner derives knowledge and then applies that knowledge to produce more wholesome and profound work.

  • Klic Diploma

    MKCL’s KLiC Diploma offers a unique opportunity of choosing role-based modules as per choice and building your own diploma. This approach provides the benefit of learning skills across multiple streams/tracks useful to build a successful career. KLiC Diploma provides role-specific and wholesome work centric training; so as to enable the learner to perform a desired role at the workplace.


    • The program has a user interface (UI) with a simple design makes it very easy to create and process data (OMR).
    – Super easy to use the Microsoft Excel Template Designer.
    – Work with regular printers or multifunction printers without the need for special printers.
    – Ability to scan OMR sheets using scanners There is no need for a special scanner.
    – Statistical analysis of data and more suitable for rapid and accurate evaluation such as tests and assessments


    Which is being implemented for more than 10 years at Saudi universities.
    – The system contains a question bank that supports the latest versions of Office 2016 with the tools of building educational content.
    – Special account for each student to enter the system.
    – Includes practical tests of skills for the course of computer basics. Supports multimedia.
    – Ability to manage information security.
    – Issue multiple reports available to multiple users by tasks and roles for student results

MICIT Verification